"Good books on the Good Book"
Author Title Publisher Format Length Condition ListPrice Price Keyword
Lockyer, Herbert, The Man Who Died for Me: Meditations on the Death and Resurrection of Our Lord (Word, 1979) Hardcover. 160pp. Like new. Out of print. 10.00 Devotions & Meditations, Biblical Studies, Life of Christ
McFadyen, John Edgar, Key to the Exercises in Davidson's Revised Introductory Hebrew Grammar (T&T Clark, 1956) Hardcover. 145pp. Excellent condition. Out of print. 12.50 Language Resources
Davidson, A.B., The Epistle to the Hebrews (Zondervan, 1952) Hardcover. 260pp. Ex-library, but unmarked text. Out of print. 10.00 Commentary
Wuest, Kenneth S. (rev. by Wise), The Practical Use of the Greek New Testament (rev. ed.) (Moody, 1982) Hardcover. 157pp. Excellent condition. Out of print. 12.50 Language Resources, Preaching, Pastoral Resources
Craigie, Peter C., The Old Testament: Its Background, Growth & Content (Abingdon, 1986) Hardcover. 351pp. Like new. (lists @ 27.00) 15.00 Commentary, Reference
Rackham, R.B., The Acts of the Apostles (Westminster Commentaries) (Methuen, 1953) Hardcover. 524pp. Excellent condition, name on flyleaf but otherwise unmarked. Book pocket in back, but no library markings. Out of print. 15.00 Commentary
Carson, D.A., The Sermon on the Mount: An Evangeliacl Expostion of Matthew 5 - 7 (Baker, 1978) Paperback. 157pp. Excellent condition. Out of print. 8.50 Commentary
Geisler & Howe, When Critics Ask: A Popular Handbook on Biblical Difficulties (Victor, 1992) Hardcover. 604pp. Ex-library, but very good condition, no markings in text. (lists @ 29.99) 15.00 Defending the Faith, Commentary
The Book of Common Prayer of the Church of England (Oxford, n.d. but after 1969) Small hardcover. 714pp. Excellent condition. 15.00 Prayerbooks & Hymnals, Worship, Devotions & Meditations
Stott, John R.W., The Cross of Christ (IVP, 1986) Hardcover. 383pp. Very good condition, inscription on flyleaf. (lists @ 25.00) 12.50 Theology, Biblical Studies
Halivni, David Weiss, Peshat & Derash: Plain and Applied Meaning in Rabbinic Exegesis (Oxford, 1991) Hardcover. 249pp. Like new. (lists @ 75.00) 37.50 Archaeology & Bible Background, Biblical Studies, Non-Christian Religions
Moore, Thomas, Meditations: On the Monk Who Dwells in Daily Life (Harper Collins, 1994) Hardcover. 107pp. Like new. Out of print in hb. 8.50 Devotions & Meditations
Christie-Murray, David, A History of Heresy (Oxford, 1989) Paperback. 243pp. Excellent condition. Out of print. 8.50 Historical Studies, Defending the Faith
Sanchez, Diana, ed., The Hymns of the United Methodist Hymnal: Introduction to the Hymns, Canticles, and Acts of Worship (Abingdon, 1989) Paperback. 288pp. Nearly new. Out of print. 7.50 Hymnals
Rodeheaver, Joseph & Ruthella, comps., Youth Hymnal (Rodeheaver Hall-Mack, 1935) Hardcover. 224pp. Very good condition. 7.50 Hymnals
Rimmer, Harry, The Harmony of Science and Scripture (Berne Witness, 1943) Hardcover. 296pp. Signed by Harry Rimmer! Unmarked text and solid binding, but water staining along bottom edges of cover (though not on pages), paint drop down spine, nameplate. Out of print. 15.00 Autographed Books, Science & Religion, Defending the Faith
The One Year Chronological Bible (New Living Translation) (Tyndale, 2000) Hardcover. 1466pp. A few pages marked. (lists @ 24.99) 10.00 Bibles
Capon, Robert Farrar, The Parables of Judgment (Eerdmans, 1989) Hardcover. 181pp. Excellent condition, embossing seal on flyleaf. Out of print. 12.50 Commentary
Green, Julien, God's Fool: The Life and Times of Fracis of Assisi (H&R, 1985) Hardcover. 273pp. Excellent condition, small tears to dust jacket. Out of print in hb. 10.00 Biography, Historical Studies
Scott, Delaware W., Christianity and the Jew: An Appeal to the Church of Christ to Preach the Gospel to the Jew (Standard, 1914) Hardcover. 100pp. Good condition, unmarked. Out of print. 15.00 Evangelism
Toal, M.F., ed. & trans., The Sunday Sermons of the Great Fathers (vol. 3 -- Pentecost to 10th Sunday after Pentecost) (Regnery, 1959) Hardcover. 379pp. Contains 14 sermons. Very good conditiuon, church name stamped in several places, but unmarked text. Out of print. 15.00 Sermons, Theology, Historical Studies
Bonhoeffer, Dietrich, Life Together: A Discussion of Christian Fellowship (H&R, 1954) Hardcover. 122pp. Marked. 7.50 Christian Living, Ministry
Delling, D. Gerhard, Worship in the new Testament (DL&T, 1962) Hardcover. 191pp. Very good condition, unmarked, some foxing on endpapers, name sticker in front. Out of print. 15.00 Theology, Biblical Studies
Hallock, G.B.F., Holy Communion Cyclopedia (Doubleday Doran, 1928) Hardcover. 290pp. Very nice condition, name on flyleaf but otherwise unmarked. 10.00 Preaching, Ministry, Pastoral Resources
Dunn, James D.G., The Evidence for Jesus (Westminster, 1985) Paperback. 113pp. Nearly new. (lists @ 16.95) 8.50 Biblical Studies
Grassi, Joseph, Peace on Earth: Roots and Practices from Luke's Gospel (Liturgical Press, 2004) Paperback. 174pp. New. (lists @ 15.95) 8.00 Biblical Studies, Commentary
Green, Barbara, Mikhail Bakhtin and Biblical Scholarship: An Introduction (SBL, 2000) Paperback. 205pp. New. (lists @ 24.95) 12.50 Theology, Biblical Studies
Isser, Stanley, The Sword of Goliath: David in Heroic Literature (SBL, 2003) Paperback. 196pp. New. (lists @ 29.95) 15.00 Biblical Studies
Jones, G.H., 1 & 2 Kings, vol. 1 (1 Kings 1-16:34) (New Century Bible) (Eerdmans, 1994) Paperback. 300pp. Excellent condition. Out of print. 10.00 Commentary
Briscoe, D. Stuart, Romans (The Communicator's Commentary) (Word, 1982) Hardcover. 264pp. Very good condition,pastor's seal and numbering on a couple pages, otherwise unmarked, small scrape on edge of cover. Out of print. 10.00 Commentary