"Good books on the Good Book"
Author Title Publisher Format Length Condition ListPrice Price Keyword
Throckmorton, Burton H., ed., Gospel Parallels: A Comparison of the Synoptic Gospels (5th ed., NRSV) (Nelson, 1989) Oversized hardcover. 212pp. Excellent condition. (lists @ 24.99) 12.50 Reference, Biblical Studies
Stevenson & Habermas, Verdict on the Shroud: Evidence for the Death and Resurrection of Jesus (Servant, 1981) Hardcover. 207pp. Very good condition, unmarked. 7.50 Defending the Faith, Historical Studies
Wilson, Carl, With Christ in the School of Disciple Building: A Study of Christ's Method of Building Disciples (Zondervan, 1976) Paperback. 336pp. Very good condition, unmarked. Out of print. 7.50 Ministry, Pastoral Resources, Christian Living
Pritchard, James B., The Ancient Near East, vol II: A New Anthology of Texts and Pictures (Princeton, 1975) Paperback. 251pp. & 110 illustrations. Very good condition. (lists @ 27.95) 12.50 Archaeology & Bible Background
Elliot, Elizabeth, Through Gates of Splendor (H&R, 1958) Hardcover. 258pp. Good condition. Out of print in hb. 8.50 Biography, Missionary
Morgan, G. Campbell, The Analyzed Bible: The Books of the Bible Outlined (Complete in One Volume) (Revell, 1964) Hardcover. 600pp. A little marking, otherwise very good. Out of print. 15.00 Reference, Biblical Studies
Huegel, F.J., The Cross through the Scriptures (Zondervan, 1966) Hardcover. 192pp. Very good condition, unmarked except for pastor's seal and numbering on a couple pages. Out of print. 10.00 Biblical Studies
Greene, Oliver B., The Revelation: Verse-by-Verse Study (Gospel Hour, 1963) Hardcover. 543pp. Unmarked, but spine has been wrapped in clear tape. 8.50 Commentary
Kelman, John, Redeeming Judgment and Other Sermons (Oliphant, Anderson & Ferrier, 1902) Hardcover. 243pp. Very good condition, pastor's stamps and numbering on a couple pages but unmarked text. Out of print. 12.50 Sermons, Biblical Studies, Christian Living
Lucado, Max, A Love Worth Giving: Living in the Overflow of God's Love (Word, 2002) Hardcover. 214pp. Like new. (lists @ 22.99) 10.00 Best Selling Authors, Christian Living
Neusner, Jacob, ed., World Religions in America: An Introduction (W/JKP, 1994) Hardcover. 308pp. Ex-library, but unmarked text. (lists @ 24.00) 10.00 Non-Christian Religions
Marshall, I. Howard, Luke: Historian and Theologian (IVP, 1971) Paperback. 238pp. Very good condition. (current ed. lists @ 20.00) 7.50 Commentary, Biography
Unger, Merrill F., The Dead Sea Scrolls and Other Amazing Archaeological Discoveries (Zondervan, 1957) Hardcover. 121pp. Minor underlining. Out of print. 7.50 Archaeology & Bible Background, Dead Sea Scrolls
Lightfoot, J.B,, Saint Paul's Epistles to the Philippians (Greek Text) (Macmillan,1879) Hardcover. 348pp. Spine wrapped with clear tape, bookplate. Out of print in hb. 10.00 Commentary, Antique Books
Vos, Gerhardus, Biblical Theology: Old and New Testaments (Eerdmans, 1948) Paperback. 425pp. Excellent condition. (lists @ 20.00) 10.00 Theology
Gerhart & Udoh, eds., The Christianity Reader (Chicago, 2007) Oversize paperback. 864pp. Selections from great Christian works over the history of the church. New, but slight shelf wear. (lists @ 40.00) 15.00 Historical Studies, Theology, Biblical Studies
Karon, Jan, Shepherds Abiding: A Mitford Christmas Story (Viking, 2003) Hardcover. Excellent condition, part of the back inside flap of the dust jacket has been removed. (lists @ 24.95) 10.00 Fiction, Best Selling Authors
Mounce, Robert H., Matthew (NIBC) (Hendrickson, 1991) Paperback. 288pp. Very good condition, no markings. (lists @ 14.95) 7.50 Commentary
Davis, Moshe, America and the Holy Land (With Eyes Toward Zion Series IV) (Praeger, 1995) Hardcover. 193pp. New. (lists @ 55.00) 25.00 Non-Christian Religions
Strauss, Lehman, Certainties for Today: Comforting Truths for Dark Days (Loizeaux, 1956) Hardcover. 182pp. Very good condition, bookplate in front. Out of print. 8.50 Biblical Studies, Theology, Christian Living
Strauss, Lehman, The Third Person: 7 Devotional Studies on the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit (Loizeaux, 1954) Hardcover. 190pp. Older copy, no dust jacket, no markings. 8.50 Biblical Studies, Theology, Holy Spirit
Wyrtzen, Don, A Musician Looks at the Psalms; A Journal of Daily Meditations (Zondervan, 1988) Hardcover. 416pp. Very good condition, inscription on title page. Out of print. 10.00 Devotions & Meditations
Gottheil, Richard J.H., Zionism (Movements in Judaism) (JPS, 1914) Hardcover. 258pp. Good used condition. 10.00 Non-Christian Religions
Penn-Lewis, Jessie, War on the Saints (Unabridged) (Lighthouse, n.d.) Hardcover. 325pp. A classic on Spiritual Warfare! Very good condition. 10.00 Biblical Studies, Christian Living
Smith, Geoge Adam, The Book of Isaiah (2 vols.) (Armstrong, 1897) Hardcover. c.900pp. Good condition, internal hinges reglued, unmarked text, but pastor's stamps and numbering on a couple pages. Price is for the set. 15.00 Commentary
Rawlinson, George, The Historical Evidences of the Truth of the Scripture Records Stated Anew... (Bampton Lectures for 1859) (Alden, 1885) Hardcover. 454pp. Good condition, bookplate in front, unmarked text. Out of print. 12.50 Antique Books, Defending the Faith
Davidson, A.B., The Theology of the Old Testament (Scribners, 1909) Hardcover. 553pp. Some marking in early pages, solid binding. Out of print. 12.50 Theology
Neusner, Jacob, Israel in America: A Too Comfortable Exile? (Beacon, 1985) Hardcover. 203pp. Nearly new. 10.00 Non-Christian Religions
Buttrick, et al, eds., The Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible (5 vols.) (Abingdon, 1962) Hardcover. Very good condition, name inside front covers, v. 4 is missing part of dust jacket. (lists @ 35.00 each volume) 85.00 Reference
Schaeffer, Francis A., The Church at the End of the 20th Century (IVP, 1970) Hardcover. 153pp. Very good condition, unmarked. Out of print in hb. 10.00 Defending the Faith, Best Selling Authors