"Good books on the Good Book"
Author Title Publisher Format Length Condition ListPrice Price Keyword
Martin, Hugh, The Abiding Presence (Prairie Press, 1977) Paperback. 248pp. Good condition, pastor's stamps and numbering on a couple of pages, otherwise unmarked, some foxing. Out of print. 7.50 Biblical Studies
Merrill, Eugene H., Kingdom of Priests: A History of Old Testament Israel (Baker, 1996) Paperback. 546pp. Marked. Good used condition. (lists @ 36.99) 15.00 Historical Studies, Biblical Studies
Montgomery, John Warwick, The "Is God Dead?" Controversy: A Philosophical-Theological Critique of the Death of God Movement (Zondervan, 1967) Paperback. 66pp. Good condition, name on flyleaf, otherwise unmarked. Out of print. 8.50 Ethics & Culture, Theology
Godbey, W.B., Commentary on the New Testament (7 vols.) (Knapp, 1899-1900) Hardcover. c. 2800pp. Set starts with Revelation and works backward through the New Testament. Godbey, a famous revival preacher, was considered the scholar of the early Holiness movement. Very good condition for age, some scrapes and discolration to covers, apparently unmarked except for pencilled name on flyleaf of each volume. Out of print. 150.00 Commentary
Hennecke, Edgar (ed. Schneemelcher), New Testament Apocrypha (2 vols.) (Westminster, 1965) Hardcover. 1383pp. Some pencil marking throughout, solid binding. Out of print. 35.00 Archaeology & Bible Background, Biblical Studies
Yancey, Philip, What's So Amazing About Grace? (Zondervan, 1997) Hardcover. 292pp. Nearly new. (lists @ 19.99) 10.00 Theology, Christian Living
Berkhof, Louis, Systematic Theology (4th ed.) (Eerdmans, 1994) Hardcover. 784pp. Excellent condition, pastor's embossing stamp on flyleaf and title page, otherwise unmarked. (in print @ 50.00) 25.00 Theology
Hitchcock, Mark, Iran: The Coming Crisis--Radical Islam, Oil, and the Nuclear Threat (Multnomah, 2006) Paperback. 214pp. New. (lists @ 13.99) 7.00 Ethics & Culture, Bible Prophecy
Horsley & Silberman, The Message and the Kingdom: How Jesus and Paul Ignited a Revolution and transfromed the Ancient World (Grosset/Putnam, 1997) Hardcover. 290pp. Like new. Out of print in hb, lists @ 20.00 in pb. 12.50 Biblical Studies
Strobel, Lee, The Case for a Creator: A Journalist Investigates Scientific Evidence that Points toward God (Zondervan, 2004) Hardcover. 341pp. Like new. (lists @ 19.99) 10.00 Defending the Faith, Ethics & Culture
McDowell, Josh, The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict (updated ed. of both volumes) (Nelson, 1999) Hardcover. 760pp. Very good condition, unmarked. (lists @ 29.99) 15.00 Defending the Faith, Biblical Studies
Baxter, J. Sidlow, Going Deeper: A Series of Devotional Studies in Knowing, Loving and Serving Our Lord Jesus Christ (Zondervan, 1964) Hardcover. 205pp. Excellent condition. Out of print. 15.00 Biblical Studies, Christian Living
Holy Bible (KJV) Pocket-size (Northern Pub., n.d.) Small hardcover. 1152pp. About 3.75 by 5.5 inches and an inch thick. Very good condition, apparently unmarked except for inscription on flyleaf. 10.00 Bibles
New American Standard Bible (Cambridge, 1979) Padded hardcover. c.1675pp. Excellent condition. 10.00 Bibles
Smith, Hannah Whitall, The God of All Comfort: The God Who Is Enough (Moody, 1956) Paperback. 253pp. Excellent condition. (in print @ 13.99) 6.50 Christian Living, Devotions & Meditations
Groothuis, Douglas, The Soul in Cyberspace (Baker, 1997) Paperback. 192pp. Like new. (lists @ 22.00) 11.00 Christian Living, Ministry
Richards, Larry & Sue, The Teen Study Bible (NIV) (Zondervan, 1993) Hardcover. 1711pp. Like new. (in print @ 26.99) 12.50 Bibles
The New English Bible (Oxford/Cambridge, 1970) Hardcover. c. 1500pp. Very good condition, some writing on endpapers, but not in text. (in print @ 32.38) 15.00 Bibles
Pollitt & Wiltse, Helen Steiner Rice: Ambassador of Sunshine (Guideposts, 1994) Hardcover. 284pp. Very good condition, unmarked, minor wear/tears to dust jacket. Out of print. 10.00 Biography
Lewis, C.S., ed., George MacDonald: An Anthology (Macmillan, 1978) Hardcover. 157pp.. Excellent condition with dust jacket. Out of print in hb. 10.00 Best Selling Authors, Fiction
Lewis, C.S., (ed. Walsh) The Visionary Christian: 131 Readings (Macmillan, 1981) Hardcover. 270pp. Excellent condition with slightly torn dust jacket. Out of print in hb. 10.00 Best Selling Authors, Fiction
Sayers, Dorothy, The Whimiscal Christian: 18 Essays (Macmillan, 1978) Hardcover. 275pp. Very good condition with dust jacket, but flyleaf removed. Out of print.. 10.00 Best Selling Authors, Christian Living
The Living Bible: Paraphrased (Red Letter Edition) (Tyndale, 1983) Padded hardcover. 1020pp. Very good condition, apparently unmarked except for name on flyleaf. (in print @ 24.00) 10.00 Bibles
Berkhof, Louis, A Summary of Christian Doctrine (Banner of Truth, 1968) Paperback. 184pp. Good condition, pastor's embossing stamp and numbering on a couple pages, otherwise unmarked, some foxing. Out of print. 7.50 Theology
Metzger, Bruce M., ed., The Reader's Digest Bible: Condensed from the Revised Standard Version (Reader's Digest, 1982) Hardcover. 799pp. Excellent condition with slightly torn dust jacket. 10.00 Bibles
Owen, John, The Holy Spirit: His Gifts and Power (Kregel, 1967) Hardcover. 356pp. Excellent condition. Out of print in hb. 12.50 Holy spirit, Theology, Biblical Studies
Gerstner, John H., Reasons for Faith (Harper, 1960) Hardcover. 245pp. Very good condition, pastor's seal and numbering on a couple pages and name on flyleaf, otherwise unmarked. Out of print. 10.00 Defending the Faith, Theology
Lincoln, Andrew T., Ephesians (Word Biblical Commentary) (Word, 1990) Hardcover. 494pp. A couple of sections (about a dozen pages total) heavily marked. (lists @ 39.99) 10.00 Commentary
Ubieta, Jose Angel, ed., Biblia de Jerusalen (Desclee de Brouwer, 1977 Hardcover. 1671pp. Jerusalem Bible in Spanish. Rather small print. Very good condition, appears unmarked. Out of print. 20.00 Bibles
Greenleaf, Robert K., Servant Leadership: A Journey into the Nature of Legitimate Power and Greatness (Paulist, 1991) Paperback. 338pp. Very good condition. (in print @ 22.95) 10.00 Leadership, Pastoral Resources