"Good books on the Good Book"
Author Title Publisher Format Length Condition ListPrice Price Keyword
Sell, Charles M., Family Ministry: The Enrichment of Family Life Through the Church (Zondervan, 1981) Hardcover. 298pp. Small amount of highlighting. 10.00 Ministry
Stevens, Doug, Called to Care: Youth Ministry and the Church (Zondervan, 1985) Hardcover. 216pp. Nearly new. 9.00 Ministry
Martin & Klann, Jehovah of the Watchtower (rev. ed.) (Zondervan, 1953) Hardcover. 221pp. Very good condition, name sticker inside cover. Out of print. 10.00 Defending the Faith
Stewart, James S., A Faith to Proclaim (Beecher Lectures at Yale) (Scribners, 1953) Hardcover. 160pp. Several pages marked. 7.50 Preaching, Lectures on Preaching
Urquhart, John, The Wonders of Prophecy, or What Are We to Believe? (Christian Publications, n.d.) Paperback. 241pp. On fulfilled prophecies as evidence for Christianity. Good condition, name on inside cover. Out of print. 6.50 Defending the Faith
Ramm, Bernard, The Witness of the Spirit: An Essay on the Contemporary Relevance of the Internal Witness of the Holy Spirit (Eerdmans, 1959) Hardcover. 140pp. Very good condition, unmarked except for name on flyleaf. Out of print. 10.00 Holy Spirit, Christian Living
Einspruch, Henry, trans., Yiddish New Testament (Lederer Foundation, 1941) Hardcover. 590pp. Inscribed by the translator to the his typesetter. Very good condition. 15.00 Bibles
Trueblood, Elton, The Company of the Committed: A Bold and Imaginative Rethinking of the Strategy of the Church in Contemporary Life (H&R, 1961) Hardcover. 113pp. Nearly new. 7.50 Ministry, Leadership
Sauer, Erich, The Triumph of the Crucified: A Survey of the History of Salvation in the New Testament (Eerdmans, 1977) Paperback. 207pp. A classic study! Very good condition Out of print. 7.50 Biblical Studies, Theology
Webber, Robert E., Celebrating Our Faith: Evangelism Through Worship (H&R, 1986) Hardcover. 118pp. Nearly new. 7.50 Worship, Evangelism
Best, W.E., Christ Emptied Himself (Southbelt, n.d.) Paperback. 118pp. Mark on flyleaf, otherwise like new. Out of print. 6.50 Theology, Biblical Studies
Willmer, Wesley K., ed., Money for Ministries: Biblical Guidelines for Giving and Asking (Victor, 1989) Hardcover. 380pp. Excellent condition, torn dust jacket. 10.00 Church Management
Yates, Kyle M., Preaching from the Prophets (Harper, 1942) Hardcover. 225pp. Marked. 6.50 Preaching, Commentary
Yount, William R., Be Opened: An Introduction to Ministry with the Deaf (Broadman, 1976) Hardcover. 226pp. Like new. 7.50 Ministry
Sauer, Erich, From Eternity to Eternity: An Outline of Divine Purposes (Eerdmans/Paternoster, 1994) Paperback. 207pp. Like new. Out of print. 7.50 Theology, Biblical Studies
Colson, Charles W., Life Sentence (Chosen Books, 1979) Hardcover. 306pp. Inscribed by Colson to someone. Excellent condition, slight tears in dust jacket. 10.00 Autographed Books
Colson, Charles, Loving God (Zondervan, 1983) Hardcover. 255pp. Inscribed by Colson to someone. Excellent condition. 10.00 Autographed Books
Cornwall, Judson, Let Us Abide (Revell, 1977) Paperback. 155pp. Signed by Cornwall. Excellent condition. 10.00 Autographed Books
Kourdakov, Sergei, The Persecutor (Revell, 1973) Hardcover. 254pp. Very good condition, unmarked, some foxing on page edges. Out of print. 8.50 Biography, Ethics & Culture
Hefley, James and Marti, Uncle Cam: The Story of William Cameron Townsend, founder of Wycliffe Bible Translators (Word, 1974) Hardcover. 272pp. Signed by Uncle Cam and the authors. Excellent condition. 15.00 Autographed Books
MacArthur, John F., The Charismatics: A Doctrinal Perspective (Zondervan, 1978) Paperback. 244pp. Very good condition, covers wrapped with plastic. Out of print. 7.50 Theology, Christian Living
Marshall & Manuel, The Light and the Glory: Did God Have a Plan for America? (Revell, 1977) Hardcover. 384pp. Inscribed by Peter Marshall to someone. Excellent condition. 12.50 Autographed Books
Kelly, J.N.D., Early Christian Doctrines (rev. ed.) (H&R, 1978) Paperback. 511pp. Marked. (lists @ 16.95) 6.50 Theology, Historical Studies
Stedman, Ray C., Psalms of Faith: A Life-Related Study from Selected Psalms (Regal, 1988) paperback. 321pp. Very good condition. Out of print. 7.50 Commentary, Christian Living
Paxson, Ruth, Called Unto Holiness (Moody, n.d.) Paperback. 126pp. Very good condition, pastor's seal and numbering on a couple pages, unmarked text. 6.00 Christian Living
Holy Bible: English Standard Version (Crossway, 2001) Hardcover. 1328pp. + maps. Like new. (lists @ 34.99) 17.50 Bibles
Broyles, Craig C., Interpreting the Old Testament: A Guide for Exegesis (Baker, 2001) Paperback. 271pp. Like new. (lists @ 21.99) 12.50 Biblical Studies, Theology
Robinson, William Childs, Christ the Bread of Life (The Payton Lectures at Fuller Seminary) (Eerdmans, 1950) Hardcover. 190pp. Some marking. 7.50 Theology, Biblical Studies
Hawthorne, Gerald F., ed., Current Issues in Biblical and Patristic Interpretation: Studies in Honor of Merrill C. Tenney Presented by His Former Students (Eerdmans, 1975) Hardcover. 377pp. Very good condition, name on flyleaf, otherwise unmarked. Out of print. 20.00 Biblical Studies, Historical Studies
Kidner, Derek, The Message of Hosea: Love to the Loveless (Bible Speaks Today series) (IVP, 1981) Paperback. 142pp. Marked. (lists @ 16.00) 6.50 Commentary