"Good books on the Good Book"
Author Title Publisher Format Length Condition ListPrice Price Keyword
Patten, Donald Wesley, The Biblical Flood and the Ice Epoch (Baker, 1966) Paperback. 336pp. Ex-library, but unmarked text, solid binding. Out of print. 10.00 Science & Religion
Ashton, John F., ed., In Six Days; Why 50 Scientists Choose to Believe in Creation (Master Books, 2001) Paperback. 384pp. Excellent condition. (lists @ 13.99) 7.00 Science & Religion
Singh, Bakht, The Return of God's Glory (Gospel Lit. Service, 1969) Paperback. 125pp. Very good condition, name on flyleaf, torn spot on cover from sticker removal. Out of print. 7.50 Sermons
Bode, Frederick A., Protestantism and the New South: North Carolina Baptists and Methodists in Political Crisis, 1894 - 1903 (Virginia, 1975) Hardcover. 171pp. Like new, no dust jacket. Out of print. 10.00 Historical Studies
Austin-Sparks, T., What is Man? (Premium Lit., undated) Paperback. 130pp. Ex-library, a few pages marked. Out of print. 10.00 Theology, Christian Living, Biblical Studies
Nash, Ronald H., The Concept of God: An Exploration of Contemporary Difficulties with the Attributes of God (Zondervan, 1983) Paperback. 127pp. Excellent condition, name stamped in front. (lists @ 15.99) 8.00 Theology, Defending the Faith
Groothuis, Douglas R., Unmasking the New Age: Is There a New Religious Movement Trying to Transform Society? (IVP, 1986) Paperback. 194pp. Very good condition. (lists @ 15.00) 7.50 Cults, Defending the Faith
Chambers, Oswald, If Thou Wilt Be Perfect: Talks on Spiritual Philosophy (CLC, 1975) Paperback. 133pp. Ex-library, but unmarked text. Out of print. 7.50 Christian Living
Finney, Charles G., So Great Salvation: Evangelistic Messages (Kregel, 1965) Hardcover. 128pp. Ex-library, but unmarked text. Out of print. 8.50 Sermons, Evangelism
Knapp, Martin Wells, Christ Crowned Within (God's Revivalist, 1886) Hardcover. 202pp. Marked. Out of print. 10.00 Antique Books, Christian Living
Groothuis, Douglas R., Confronting the New Age: How to Resist a Growing Religious Movement (IVP, 1988) Paperback. 230pp. Ex-library, but unmarked text. (in print @ 25.00) 10.00 Cults, Defending the Faith, Christian Living
Lapide, Pinchas, Israelis, Jews and Jesus (Doubleday, 1979) Hardcover. 176pp. Excellent condition. Out of print. 10.00 Non-Christian Religions, Ethics & Culture
Heroes of the Cross, Series 5: James Hannington, MacKay of Uganda, & Aggrey, the African Teacher (MM&S, undated, prob. 1930s/40s) Hardcover. 96pp. Older missionary series for young readers. Good condition, inscription on flyleaf, pastor's seal and numbering on a couple pages, unmarked text. Out of print. 10.00 Missionary, Biography
Dyer, Helen S., Pandita Ramabai: A Great Life in Indian Missions (Pickering & Inglis, undated, prob. 1930s) Hardcover. 171pp. Good condition, unmarked except for inscription on flyleaf. Out of print. 15.00 Missionary, Biography
Livingstone, W.P., Mary Slessor of Calabar: Pioneer Missionary (Hodder & Stoughton, 1917) Hardcover. 347pp. Good condition, inscription on flyleaf, pastor's seal and numbering on a couple pages, unmarked text. 15.00 Missionary, Biography
Soper, D. Wesley, Studies in Romans (Nazarene, n.d.) Hardcover. 142pp. Very good condition, inscription from author on flyleaf, pastor's seal and numbering on a couple pages, unmarked text. Out of print. 15.00 Commentary
Schaeffer, Henry, The Call to Prophetic Service from Abraham to Paul (Revell, 1926) Hardcover. 459pp. Good condition, slight water stain along top of a few pages, pastor's seal and numbering on a couple pages, pencil marking on a few pages. Out of print. 10.00 Biblical Studies, Ministry
Parkhurst, Charles H., A Little Lower Than the Angels (Revell, 1908) Hardcover. 287pp. Good condition, but worn edges and corners, creased cover, pastor's seal and numbering on a couple pages, unmarked text. Out of print. 15.00 Sermons, Antique Books
Johnston, Jon, Christian Excellence: Alternative to Success (Baker, 1985) Hardcover. 227pp. Very good condition, unmarked. Out of print. 8.50 Christian Living, Biblical Studies
King, Mike, Presence-Centered Youth Ministry: Guiding Students into Spiritual Formation (IVP, 2006) Paperback. 192pp. Very good condition, unmarked. (lists @ 15.00) 7.50 Ministry, Teaching
Jeffress, Robert, Guilt-Free Living: How to Know When You've Done Enough (Tyndale, 1995) Hardcover. 246pp. Like new. Out of print. 8.50 Christian Living
Wiersbe, Warren W., On Being a Servant of God (Baker, 1993) Paperback. 150pp. Like new. (lists @ 13.99) 7.00 Christian Living, Best Selling Authors
Earle, Ralph, Word Meanings in the New Testament, vol. 6: Hebrews to Revelation (Beacon Hill, 1984) Hardcover. 174pp. Nearly new. 8.50 Language Resources, Reference, Biblical Studies
Mayhue, Richard, The Healing Promise (Harvest House, 1994) Paperback. 288pp. Excellent condition. (lists @ 17.99) 8.50 Healing, Biblical Studies
Towns & Porter, Churches That Multiply: A Bible Study on Church Planting (Beacon Hill, 2003) Paperback. 159pp. Excellent condition. (lists @ 14.99) 7.50 Ministry
Reid, S.J., The Seven Windows: An Expostion of the Seven Last Words of Jesus on the Cross (Eerdmans, 1940) Hardcover. 112pp. Pencil marking on a few pages, pastor's seal and numbering on a couple pages. (in reprint @ 34.95) 10.00 Biblical Studies
McDaniel, George W., The Churches of the New Testament (Richard Smith, 1930) Hardcover. 299pp. A few pages marked. Out of print. 10.00 Biblical Studies, Ministry
Kuyper, Abraham, Women of the Old Testament (Zondervan, 1976 reprint) Paperback. 177pp. Very good condition. (lists @ 12.99) 6.50 Biography, Biblical Studies
Morgan, G. Campbell, The Analyzed Bible: Genesis (Baker, 1983 reprint of 1911 work) Paperback. 280pp. Good condition, unmarked, but creased and somewhat worn covers. Out of print. 7.50 Commentary
Rimmer, Harry, Modern Science and the Genesis Record (Erdmans, 1946) Hardcover. 292pp. Excellent condition for age. Out of print. 15.00 Science & Religion, Biblical Studies