"Good books on the Good Book"
Author Title Publisher Format Length Condition ListPrice Price Keyword
LaSor, William Sanford, The Truth about Armageddon: What the Bible Says about the End Times (Baker, 1982) Paperback. 226pp. Like new. Out of print. 6.00 Biblical Studies, Bible Prophecy, Theology
Macquarrie, John, Jesus Christ in Modern Thought (4th ed.) (SCM/TPI, 1991) Paperback. 454pp. Like new. (lists @ 27.95) 14.00 Theology, Biblical Studies
McGrath, Alister, A Passion for Truth: The Intellectual Coherence of Evangelicalism (IVP, 1996) Hardcover. 287pp. New. Out of print in hb. 12.50 Philosophical Theology, Theology
McGrath, Alister, Evangelicalism and the Future of Christianity (IVP, 1995) Hardcover. 209pp. New. Out of print in hb. 12.50 Philosophical Theology, Theology
McKim, Donald K., Theological Turning Points: Major Issues in Christian Thought (John Knox, 1988) Paperback. 211pp. Nearly new. (lists @ 22.99) 10.00 Theology, Historical Studies
Moltmann, Jurgen, The Future of Creation: Collected Essays (Fortress, 1979) Hardcover. 198pp. Like new. Out of print. 15.00 Theology
Neusner, Jacob, A Rabbi Talks with Jesus: An Intermillennial, Interfaith Exchange (Doubleday, 1993) Hardcover. 154pp. Like new. Out of print in hb. 10.00 Theology, Non-Christian Religions
Rose, Delbert R., Vital Holiness: A Theology of Christian Experience Interpreting the Historic Wesleyan Message (Bethany Fellowship, 1975) Paperback. 322pp. Like new. Out of print. 7.50 Theology, Historical Studies
Sykes & Booty, eds., The Study of Anglicanism (SPCK/Fortress, 1988) Paperback. 468pp. Like new. (rev. ed. lists @ 36.00) 15.00 Theology, Biblical Studies, Historical Studies
Torrance, T.F., Reality and Evangeliacl Theology: The Realism of Christian Revelation (IVP, 1999) Paperback. 174pp. New. (lists @ 19.00) 9.50 Theology, Biblical Studies
Heyer, George S., Signs of Our Times: Theological Essays on Art in the Twentieth Century (Eerdmans, 1980) Large hardcover. 70pp. Nearly new Out of print. 10.00 Theology, Arts, Ethics & Culture
Forsyth, Peter Taylor, The Person and Place of Jesus Christ (H&S, 1910) Hardcover. 357pp. Very good condition, unmarked text, but pastor's stamp and numbering on a couple pages. Out of print. 15.00 Theology, Biblical Studies, Life of Christ
Lotz, David W., ed., Altered Landscapes: Christianity in America, 1935-1985 (Essays in Honor of Robert T. Handy) (Eerdmans, 1989) Paperback. 387pp. Slightly bumped corners, otherwise very good condition. Out of print. 8.50 Historical Studies, Theology
Wolf, William J., The Almost Chosen People: A Study in the Religion of Abraham Lincoln (Doubleday, 1959) Hardcover. 215pp. Good condition, no markings. Out of print. 10.00 Historical Studies, Theology
Rutledge, Fleming, The Undoing of Death: Sermons for Holy Week and Easter (Eerdmans, 2002) Hardcover. 360pp. Nearly new, inscription on inside cover. (lists @ 25.00) 10.00 Sermons, Theology
Thielicke, Helmut, Modern Faith and Thought (Eerdmans, 1990) Hardcover. 582pp. Nearly new. Out of print in hb. 30.00 Philosophical Theology, Theology
Hendricksen, W., The Covenant of Grace (Eerdmans, 1932) Small hardcover. 95pp. Name stamps on flyleaf, small stains on cover, otherwise very good condition. Out of print and hard-to-find. 30.00 Rare Books, Theology, Biblical Studies
Chiniquy, Father Charles, Fifty Years in the Church of Rome (Baker, 1967 reprint of 1886 edition) Hardcover. 597pp. Excellent condition. (in print @ 48.99) 25.00 Biography, Historical Studies, Theology
Yancey, Philip, Disappointment with God: Three Questions No One Asks Aloud (Zondervan, 1992) Hardcover. 260pp. A few pages marked. 7.50 Christian Living, Best Selling Authors, Theology
Kerr, Hugh Thomson, ed., Calvin's Institutes: A New Compend (W/JKP, 1989) Paperback. 180pp. Nearly new. 8.50 Theology
Hardy, Edward R., ed., Christology of the Later Fathers (Westminster, 1954) Hardcover. 400pp. A few pages highlighted. Out of print in hb. 15.00 Theology, Historical Studies, Biblical Studies
Boettner, Loraine, The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination (P&R, 1966) Hardcover. 440pp. Good condition, no marking in text, but name stamp on endpapers, small tear in cloth on bottom edge of back cover. Out of print in hb. 10.00 Theology
MacArthur, John F., The Charismatics: A Doctrinal Perspective (Zondervan, 1978) Hardcover. 244pp. Very good condition, name sticker on flyleaf. Out of print. 10.00 Theology, Christian Living
Miethe, Terry L., The Compact Dictionary of Doctrinal Words (Bethany House, 1988) Paperback. 224pp. Nearly new. (lists @ 18.00) 9.00 Theology, Reference
Noebel, David A., Understanding the Times: The Religious Worldviews of Our Day and the Search for Truth (Harvest House, 1991) Large hardcover. 896pp. Very good condition, name on bottom page edges. (lists @ 36.99) 17.50 Ethics & Culture, Theology
Kirkpatrick, A.F., The Doctrine of the Prophets (Macmillan, 1923) Hardcover. 544pp. Very good condition, bookplate on flyleaf. Out of print. 12.50 Commentary, Theology
Pierson, A.T., The Bible and Spiritual Criticism (Baker, 1970) Hardcover. 276pp. Excellent condition, name on flyleaf. Out of print. 10.00 Biblical Studies, Theology
Clouse, Robert G., ed., The Meaning of the Millennium: Four Views (IVP, 1977) Paperback. 223pp. Crease on front cover, no marking in text. (lists @ 15.00) 7.50 Theology, Biblical Studies
Moody, D.L., Heaven: Where It Is, Its Inhabitants, and How to Get There (BICA, 1908) Paperback. 119pp. Very good condition. (in print @ 19.95) 7.50 Theology, Biblical Studies
Montgomery, John Warwick, The Suicide of Christian Theology (Bethany Fellowship, 1975) Paperback. 528pp. Inscribed and signed by author! Excellent condition. Out of print, last listed @ 30.00. 15.00 Ethics & Culture, Theology, Autographed Books