"Good books on the Good Book"
Author Title Publisher Format Length Condition ListPrice Price Keyword
Bennett, Ivan L., ed., The Hymnal, Army and Navy (Barnes, 1942) Hardcover. 607pp. Good condition, significant wear on spine and corners. Out of print. 7.50 Prayerbooks & Hymnals
The Methodist Hymnal (Meth. Book Concern, 1939) Hardcover. 695pp. Very good condition. Out of print. 8.50 Prayerbooks & Hymnals
Proposed Book of Common Prayer (1979) (Church Hymnal Corp., 1977) Hardcover. 1001pp. Very good condition, inscription in front. 7.50 Prayerbooks & Hymnals
MacGregor, G.H.C., Praying in the Holy Ghost (Revell, n.d.) Small hardcover. 139pp. Good condition, pastor's seal and numbering on a couple of pages, a few pages marked. Out of print. 20.00 Prayer, Antique Books
Murray, Andrew, With Christ in the School of Prayer (Zondervan, 1983) Paperback. 162pp. Very good condition but crease across cover, unmarked text. 6.00 Prayer, Life of Christ
Payne, Leanne, The Healing Presence: How God's Grace Can Work in You to Bring Healing in your Broken Places and the Joy of Living in His Love (Crossway, 1989) Hardcover. 236pp. Like new. Out of print in hb. 8.50 Christian Living, Prayer, Healing
Bock, Fred (comp.) Hymns for the Family of God (Paragon, 1976) Hardcover. 699 hymns. Good condition, unmarked, name in front. 7.50 Prayerbooks & Hymnals
Church Hymnal: Shaped Notes Only (Tennessee Music & Printing, 1951) Hardcover. 410 hymns. Good condition, solid binding, unmarked except for name in front. Out of print. 10.00 Prayerbooks & Hymnals
Yancey, Philip, Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference? (Zondervan, 2006) Hardcover. 351pp. Nearly new, but no jacket. (lists @ 19.99) 10.00 Prayer, Christian Living
McDormand & Crossman, Judson Concordance to Hymns (Judson, 1965) Hardcover. 375pp. Indexes individual lines of 2,342 hymns. Very good condition. Out of print. 15.00 Reference, Concordances, Prayerbooks & Hymnals
Jones, J.D., The Model Prayer: A Series of Expositions on the Lord's Prayer (Doran, n.d.) Hardcover. 174pp. Some pencil marking, library number on spine. Out of print. 15.00 Sermons, Prayer, Biblical Studies
Howard, Alton H., comp. & ed., Songs of the Church, Twenty-First Century Edition (Shaped Notes) (Howard Publishing, 1990) Hardcover. 748 hymns + hymnwriter biographical sketches. Very good condition, church name in front, a few pages turned down. Out of print. 10.00 Prayerbooks & Hymnals
Rinker, Rosalind, Teaching Conversational Prayer: A Handbook for Groups (Word, 1970) Hardcover. 140pp. Very good condition, unmarked. Out of print. 7.50 Prayer
Stancliffe, David, The Pilgrim Prayerbook, New Edition (Continuum, 2006) Hardcover. 270pp. New. (lists @ 19.95) 10.00 Prayerbooks & Hymnals
Davies & Ley, eds., The Church Anthem Book (100 anthems authorized for use by the Church of Scotland) (Oxford, 1959) Hardcover. 528pp. Very good condition, name in front, otherwise unmarked. Out of print. 10.00 Prayerbooks & Hymnals
Himario Bautista (Casa Bautista, 1978) Leather bound. 609pp. Excellent condiiton. 12.50 Prayerbooks & Hymnals
New Baptist Hymnal, containing Standard and Gospel Hymns and Responsive Readings (Judson, 1968) Hardcover. 431 hymns + 96 readings. Very good condition. Out of print. 10.00 Prayerbooks & Hymnals
Good News in Song (Christian Witness, 1891) Paper-covered boards with cloth spine. 256pp. Very heavily used, stained and worn, but binding still solid, pages in good condition. 10.00 Antique Books, Prayerbooks & Hymnals
Lorenz, Edmund S., Practical Hymn Studies, for the Use of Ministers and Other Christian Workers (Revell, 1937) Hardcover. 189pp. Good condition, wear to spine and cover corners, unmarked. Out of print. 7.50 Prayerbooks & Hymnals
Payne, Leanne, Restoring the Christian Soul Through Healing Prayer (Crossway, 1991) Hardcover. 249pp. Very good condition, but highlighted, name on flyleaf. 8.50 Counseling, Prayer, Christian Living
Crump, David, Knocking on Heaven's Door: A New Testament Theology of Petitionary Prayer (Baker, 2006) Paperback. 345pp. New. (lists @ 22.99) 11.50 Theology, Prayer, Biblical Studies
Cullman, Oscar, Prayer in the New Testament (SCM, 1995) Paperback. 190pp. Excellent condition. Out of print. 10.00 Blical Studies, Prayer
Underhill, Evelyn, Practical Mysticism: A Little Book for Normal People (Eagle, 1991) Paperback. 104pp. Very good condition, unmarked. (lists @ 13.00) 6.50 Christian Living, Prayer
Chambers, Oswald, Knocking at God's Door (Zondervan/CLC, 1985) Paperback. 206pp. A short devotional prayer for every day of the year. Excellent condition. Out of print. 7.50 Prayer, Devotions & Meditations
The Book of Common Prayer (1928 edition) Personal (small) size. (Oxford, 1938) Hardcover. 611pp. Good condition, minor pencil marking, name in front. 10.00 Prayerbooks & Hymnals
The Hymnal of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America 1940 (Church Hymnal Corp., 1943) Hardcover. 673pp. Good condition, unmarked. (current edition in print @ 26.00) 8.50 Prayerbooks & Hymnals
The Presbyterian Hymnal: Hymns, Psalms and Spiritual Songs (W/JKP, 1990) Hardcover. 716pp. Excellent condition. 8.50 Prayerbooks & Hymnals
Sing Praise: Hymnal for the Deaf (Broadman, 1975) Hardcover. 250pp. No music, instead has notes for the proper sign to be used with each line. Songs cross-referenced to the page numbering in 3 different Baptist hymnals. Like new. Out of print. 12.50 Prayerbooks & Hymnals
The Mission Hymnal: Enlarged Edition (Episcopal) (Gen. Clergy Relief Fund, 1914) Hardcover. 208pp. Good condition, name in front and church stamps on several pages. Out of print. 7.50 Prayerbooks & Hymnals
Excell, E.O., Triumphant Songs: Numbers 1 & 2 Combined (Excell, 1890) Hardcover. 448pp. Good condition for age, solid binding, worn edges. Out of print. 10.00 Prayerbooks & Hymnals