"Good books on the Good Book"
Author Title Publisher Format Length Condition ListPrice Price Keyword
Hill & Walton, A Survey of the Old Testament (2nd ed.) (Zondervan, 2000) Hardcover. 608pp. Ex-library, but unmarked text, otherwise very good condition. (3rd ed. in print @ 49.99) 15.00 Biblical Studies
Wright, G. Ernest, The Old Testament Against Its Environment (Studies in Biblical Theology #2) (SCM, 1968) Paperback. 116pp. Very good condition. Out of print. 7.50 Biblical Studies
Ehrman, Bart D., The New Testament: A Historical Introduction to the Early Christian Writings (2nd ed.) (Oxford, 2000) Oversized paperback. 465pp. Excellent condition. (3rd ed. in print @ 51.95) 20.00 Biblical Studies, Theology
Hanson, Anthony Tyrrell, Studies in Paul's Technique and Theology (Eerdmans, 1974) Hardcover. 329pp. A few pages marked. Out of print. 10.00 Biblical Studies
Massee, J.C., After His Passion: Lessons from the Resurrection Appearances of Jesus (Revell, 1929) Hardcover. 128pp. Very good condition, inscription on flyleaf, but otherwise unmarked. Out of print. 15.00 Sermons, Biblical Studies, Christian Living
Bruce, F.F., Tradition: Old and New (Zondervan, 1974) Paperback. 184pp. Excellent condition, name on flyleaf Out of print. 10.00 Biblical Studies, Ministry
Lowe, Marmion L., Christ in the Book of Daniel (Lowe, 1968) Hardcover. 193pp. Signed "Yours in Christ, M.L. Lowe, Lk 24:27." Very good condition, name on flyleaf. Out of print. 20.00 Biblical Studies, Autographed Books
MacArthur, John F., The Love of God: He Will Do Whatever It Takes to Make Us Holy (Word, 1996) Hardcover. 251pp. Excellent condition. Out of print in hb. 10.00 Christian Living, Biblical Studies
Wenham, John W., Christ and the Bible (IVP, 1973) Paperback. 206pp. Very good condition, unmarked. Out of print. 10.00 Theology, Biblical Studies
Bruce, Alexander Balmain, The Trainng of the Twelve, or Passages Out of the Gospels Exhibiting the 12 Disciples of Jesus under Discipline for the Apostleship (4th ed.) (Kregel, 1974) Hardcover. 552pp. A classic study! New in shrink wrap. Out of print in hb. 20.00 Biblical Studies
Barton & Bowden, The Original Story: God, Israel, and the World (Eerdmans, 2004) Oversized paperback. 318pp. New, but small gash at bottom of spine. (lists @ 20.00) 8.00 Biblical Studies, Reference
Davidson, Donald, Mothers in the Bible (Zondervan, 1958) Hardcover. 158pp. Ex-library, but unmarked text. 8.50 Biblical Studies, Biography
Saphir, Adolph, The Sinner and the Savior (Christian Alliance, n.d.) Hardcover. 223pp. A classic by an early Hebrew Christian. Very good condition, old looking cover. Out of print. 15.00 Biblical Studies, Evangelism
Shillito, Edward, Bible Lamplighters: And Their Messages for Boys and Girls (Revell, 1928) Hardcover. 160pp. Excellent condition. Out of print. 12.50 Biblical Studies, Biography
Anderson, Bernhard W., Understanding the Old Testament (4th ed.) (Prentice Hall, 1986) Hardcover. 685pp. Excellent condition, bookplate in front. 5th edition lists @ 76.00 in pb! 25.00 Biblical Studies, Reference
Dempster, George F., The Love That Will Not Let Me Go (H&S, 1937) Hardcover. 127pp. Good condition, pastor's seal and numbering on a couple pages, name and name sticker in front, unmarked text. Out of print. 10.00 Sermons, Biblical Studies
Buehrens, John A., Understanding the Bible: An Introduction for Skeptics, Seekers, and Religious Liberals (Beacon, 2003) Hardcover. 216pp. New. (lists @ 24.00) 12.00 Biblical Studies, Theology
Jeremias, Joachim, The Parables of Jesus (rev. ed.) (SCM, 1963) Hardcover. 245pp. Nearly new. Out of print in hb. 15.00 Biblical Studies, Commentary
Kiene, Paul F., The Tabernacle of God in the Wilderness of Sinai (Zondervan, 1977) Oversize hardcover. 176pp. Very pictorial. Minor water staining, name in front, unmarked text. Out of print and hard-to-find. 25.00 Biblical Studies
Girdlestone, Robert Baker, Synonyms of the Old Testament: Their Bearing on Christian Doctrine (Eerdmans, 1948) Hardcover. 346pp. Very good condition, name inside cover, otherwise unmarked. (in print @ 35.99) 15.00 Language Resources, Biblical Studies, Reference
Albright, William Foxwell, Archaeology and the Religion of Israel (Old Testament Library) (WJK, 2006) Paperback. 247pp. New. (lists @ 39.95) 20.00 Archaeology & Bible Background, Biblical Studies
Reis, Pamela Tamarkin, Reading the Lines: A Fresh Look at the Hebrew Bible (Hendrickson, 2002) Hardcover. 227pp. New. (lists @ 24.95) 12.50 Biblical Studies, Archaeology & Bible Background
Morris, Leon, The Apostolic Preaching of the Cross (Eerdmans, 1956) Hardcover. 296pp. Good condition, no markings but stained cover and foxing on endpapers. Out of print in hb. 8.50 Biblical Studies, Theology
Lockyer, Herbert, The Man Who Died for Me: Meditations on the Death and Resurrection of Our Lord (Word, 1979) Hardcover. 160pp. Like new. Out of print. 10.00 Devotions & Meditations, Biblical Studies, Life of Christ
Stott, John R.W., The Cross of Christ (IVP, 1986) Hardcover. 383pp. Very good condition, inscription on flyleaf. (lists @ 25.00) 12.50 Theology, Biblical Studies
Halivni, David Weiss, Peshat & Derash: Plain and Applied Meaning in Rabbinic Exegesis (Oxford, 1991) Hardcover. 249pp. Like new. (lists @ 75.00) 37.50 Archaeology & Bible Background, Biblical Studies, Non-Christian Religions
Delling, D. Gerhard, Worship in the new Testament (DL&T, 1962) Hardcover. 191pp. Very good condition, unmarked, some foxing on endpapers, name sticker in front. Out of print. 15.00 Theology, Biblical Studies
Dunn, James D.G., The Evidence for Jesus (Westminster, 1985) Paperback. 113pp. Nearly new. (lists @ 16.95) 8.50 Biblical Studies
Grassi, Joseph, Peace on Earth: Roots and Practices from Luke's Gospel (Liturgical Press, 2004) Paperback. 174pp. New. (lists @ 15.95) 8.00 Biblical Studies, Commentary
Green, Barbara, Mikhail Bakhtin and Biblical Scholarship: An Introduction (SBL, 2000) Paperback. 205pp. New. (lists @ 24.95) 12.50 Theology, Biblical Studies